The Most Popular Ways of Consuming Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis can be consumed in many respects. A specific method to consume it suits a particular requirement. Every method of consuming medical cannabis decides its effectiveness. Hence, a patient should know how to consume it to fulfill his requirement.

  1. Smoking of Medical Cannabis

Smoking of dried flower or the leaves of the Cannabis plant are the most conventional method of consuming medical Cannabis. You can use any kind of small pipe like water pipe for smoking.

The effect of smoking of the dried medical cannabis is immediate but the results are not sustainable. Usually, the effect of cannabis varies from one patient to another but normally, it remains for a period of 90 minutes to four hrs depending upon the consumption of the medical cannabis.

  1. Vaporizing of Medical Cannabis

Vaporizer is used to extract the therapeutic ingredients of medical cannabis, which can be achieved at lower temperatures. This help the patients in the inhalation of medical cannabis in the vapor form instead of smoke. Waiting a few minutes is advisable to have the entire feel. Vaporization process gives double effect for half of the medical marijuana, which is why it is one of the most preferred methods of consuming it.

  1. Edible Medical Cannabis

It is easy to infuse medical cannabis into butter or oil and then these can be used to cook the food. This method takes a long time in showing the results. The patient can get relief in approximately from half an hour to one hour. The medical cannabis in eatables i.e., edible cannabis is much faster in terms of effects. It is also said that eating medical cannabis lead to long-term effect than other methods.

  1. Topical Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis can be applied directly to the skin or the muscles. It can also be used as a topical herbal medicine. Medical cannabis in the form of oils, creams, balms, lotions and sprays are called Tropical Medical Cannabis. They are very useful during conditions like restless leg syndrome, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis or any other skin related problem like a spasm. Everyday stress and soreness can also be reduced by tropical medical cannabis. They can also be used in taking the bath as these are non-psychoactive.

In Canada, these are four different ways of consuming medical cannabis, which we have mentioned above. You can choose one as per your requirement.

Reasons vaporizing medical marijuana is better than smoking

For many reasons, vaporizing medical marijuana is better than smoking even though it is an expensive way of consuming medical marijuana than smoking it in a conventional way.

Many options are available for the consumption of medical cannabis as it can easily be rolled in a pipe as well as can be simply used in cooking along with its infusion in many eatables.

Many doctors recommend its consumption using the vaporizing process as this is the most efficient way of consuming medical marijuana. Even models in a country like Canada, support this method.



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