How did Medical marijuana help Charlotte

You must have heard the news about how medical marijuana has helped the children suffering from epilepsy, sometime ago.

This is one of the most popular cases where a five-year-old child from Colorado, was suffering from epilepsy. Her parents tried everything they could do to save their daughter from the sufferings of epilepsy but they failed, she used to have around 300 fits in a week’s time. They were advised that instead of CBD, they had better get medical marijuana, which had CBD in it. They managed to get the strain, and made oil from it and used it in the cooking. In a few days, the seizures dropped to 4-5 a month, as compared to 300 per week. It was a huge change and improvement as well.


Medical Marijuana consumption helps in many ailments to many patients. However, every individual reacts differently. Hence, it is always advisable that you should look for your own preferred method of consuming medical cannabis, as per your requirement and your ailment. In addition, guidance of a medical practitioner or healthcare professional is recommended before the consumption of the medical marijuana.


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